I, Bernardino Ridolfi Patrizio Spoletino, Papal Chamberlain of His Holiness Pope Pius VI and Canon of the sacrosanct Basilica of Saint Peter and of the University of Hoteliers, do hereby, as a visitor, grant license to Stefano Cesàri and admit him among the Hoteliers of Rome... On this day, the 27th of February 1787. Thus begins the license – unique among Roman hotels – and the history of the Hotel Cesàri, now spanning over two centuries, a tradition passed down over all this time following the customs of the most authentic Roman hospitality. A simple glance at the most important guide to Rome in 1869 shows that, back then, all the hotels had foreign names: Hotel de Russie, Hotel d'Angleterre, Anglo American Hotel and so on. The only exceptions were the Grand Hotel della Minerva and, indeed, the Hotel Cesàri.

Over the years, the hotel has welcomed distinguished guests. It was a favourite of Stendhal's, who made fond mention of Madama Giacinta Cesàri's inn in his Italian Chronicles; and it also hosted the great Roman historians Gregorovius and Momsen. Then came the fathers of the Italian Unification, such as the Eroe dei Due Mondi Giuseppe Garibaldi as well as Giuseppe Mazzini, who stayed there after the declaration of the Roman Republic, and from where he delivered an impassioned plea to the Roman people on 6 March 1849. The Albergo Cesàri is closely tied to the history of the Italian capital. It experienced the splendour of the Belle Epoque, but was threatened by the ravages of Fascism and the German Occupation; with the arrival of the Allies, it was used as an officers’ club. To this day we still welcome the kin of some of those officers, who are deeply moved by the memory of their fathers’ time here.


The Palumbo-Curti family had been operating this historic hotel since 1899, a dynasty that began with Raffaele, to subsequently become one of the oldest businesses in Italy run entirely by women. What Paola and Anna began in 1947 was then carried on by their grandchildren, who ushered the Cesàri into its third century, always rejuvenating it in the spirit of the history in which it is cloaked.

Out of this glorious history, intertwined with that of the family, comes the experience that everyone can enjoy during their stay at the Cesàri. Amidst a magnificent location in the beating heart of Rome, guests are treated not as customers, but as guests at the home of a venerable old Roman family.

The excitement of waking up and having breakfast under the Roman sky, overlooking the columns of Hadrian's Temple. Warmth and friendliness as only Rome can offer. The awe of being surrounded by centuries of history.

This is the 9Hotel Cesàri, and that is who we are!

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