The 9Hotel Cesàri, the ideal place to make a marriage proposal in Rome

How to make a marriage proposal in Rome

Making a marriage proposal in Rome is an excellent idea; all you need is a little imagination and organisation. Where to take your future spouse and get down on your knee with your carefully chosen engagement ring ? Which venue will forever remain the symbol of your love and commitment ? Our hotel in Rome is ideally situated close to the Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel and Villa Borghese.

Rome, the city of romance

While Rome is famous for its seven hills, imperial past and as a religious centre, it is also one of the richest art cities in the world, while its luxuriant Mediterranean parks and gardens and meandering Tiber lend it a tremendous sense of romance, making it the perfect place for a marriage proposal.

Most of us remember the legendary scene in La Dolce Vita when Anita Ekberg, clad in her evening dress, jumps into the water of the Trevi Fountain as Marcello Mastroianni looks on speechless. The fabulous fountain, into which hundreds of people every day toss a coin in the hope of returning to the site, but also with other wishes for happiness and good fortune, is located very close to the 9Hotel Cesàri in Rome.

Continuing a little further north, Villa Borghese, with its magnificent gardens, is a unique place for a romantic and unforgettable marriage proposal. The gardens are located on Colle Pinciano to the east of Piazza del Popolo, overlooking the Tiber just behind Trinità dei Monti at the top of the Spanish Steps.

The city’s third-largest park is probably its most famous and enjoyable. Access is via nine entrance gates, six of them ranking as monuments in themselves. The English-style gardens of the Borghese are impeccably maintained with a diverse profusion of flora and fauna and are home to one of the most visited museums in the city and a number of sculptures and fountains. All of which makes it the ideal place to propose.

The incredible artistic wealth of the Vatican

The small state in the centre of the Italian capital is home to treasures of painting and architecture, of which a visit to the Vatican museum will give you a fair idea. Take a no-queue ticket to visit the museum, which begins with a long gallery replete with an amazing diversity of pictorial, sculptural and monumental works, followed by the astounding Sixtine Chapel. The venue in which cardinals have met in conclave since the 15th century to pick the new pope, the Sixtine Chapel features a vault and wall by Michelangelo and side walls painted by the likes of Botticelli, Perugino and Pinturicchio.

Visiting the Vatican is ideally accompanied by a visit of St. Peter’s, the second of Rome’s major Basilicas and the largest church of the Christian world. Inside, Bernini’s baldacchino tops the altar and dialogues with the works of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance, particularly Michelangelo’s Pietà.

Making a marriage proposal in the eternal city

Those looking to tie the knot with their beloved will undoubtedly be drawn to the charms of the eternal city. Is there any better place for making the commitment of a lifetime than a city boasting thousands of years of history ? Think of all the marriage oaths taken in Rome, of the illustrious lovers of old, and succumb to the marvels of the ancient city. At our centrally located hotel, just a stone’s throw from the Pantheon and the famed column of Trajan overlooking the Forum and the Coliseum, the right words will come easily to you as you pledge your troth and ask the love of your life to marry you. The ancient monuments will whisper to you through time, conveying the marriage proposals made by lovers of centuries past. Let yourself go amid Rome’s storied alleyways, communing with the murmurs of history and inspired by the beauty of the city’s palaces. For centuries, there has been no more idyllic venue for declaring your flame and asking for the hand of your soul mate. Future husbands do not fear. You have brought your intended to one of the world’s most beautiful cities boasting unrivalled riches accumulated over its lengthy history. Perhaps words will be unnecessary and your loved one will implicitly understand your intention and say yes. The city itself will speak in your favour, because you have chosen the ideal venue in the heart of the ancient capital: the 9Hotel Cesàri near Piazza Navona and the Quirinal Palace.

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