It is the most famous fountain in Rome, which makes it a must-do! Built at the request of Pope Clement XII, it was completed in 1762. The origins of the Trevi Fountain date to 1453; it was the mouth of a Roman aqueduct that brought water from a spring built in 1453. According to tradition, you have to toss two coins over left shoulder into the fountain: one to make a wish and one to be sure you return to Rome. This fountain ‒ the biggest in the city ‒ is located near the Pantheon. It backs up to a palace that was once the residence of the Poli dukes and is now the Italian Polygraphic Institute. The arch behind it calls to mind the entrance to a temple. The Trevi Fountain was designed and built in honour of Neptune, the god of the seas. It is 20 metres wide and 26 metres tall; the fountain depicts Neptune on a chariot drawn by two horses and guided by tritons. From 9Hotel Cesàri, located on Via di Pietra, you can easily walk to the Trevi Fountain in a few minutes. Take advantage of a stay at our hotel to meander through the city and learn its secrets. You are sure to find the best offer on our website, regardless of the reason for your stay.


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