This square near the Pantheon was built over the ruins of the Stadium of Domitian, which dates to the 1st century. In fact, the square still has the exact shape of the stadium. At the time, it hosted athletics competitions, games and horse races. The square is accented with three beautiful fountains, the most famous of which is the 'Fountain of the Four Rivers' built by Bernini in 1650. It stands before Sant'Agnes Church. The statues in the fountain represent four rivers from four continents: The Nile for Africa, the Rio de la Plata for the Americas, the Ganges for Asia and the Danube for Europe. A majestic obelisk rises high from the centre. Piazza Navona is a must for every tourist in Rome. You will find many restaurants around it, along with shops and street vendors. Whether you go day or night, allow some time to sit on a terrace and soak up the dolce vita.


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