The monument that looms over this vast square is 'Il Vittoriano'; it was built for King Emmanuel II, the very first king of unified Italy. The gigantic white marble monument on Capitol Hill is a true symbol of the city, representing the unity of Italy. King Emmanuel II unified Italy after wars fought with Austria. There are many symbols of this unification. The 16 sculptures placed in the foreground represent all the regions of united Italy.
Its dimensions are impressive: 135 metres wide by 70 metres high, with numerous Corinthian columns and white marble staircases.
This monument has also harboured the tomb of an unknown soldier and an eternal flame since 1921. You can climb up to the top for a sublime panoramic view from the terrace.
It Vittoriano is an important symbol to which Italians are very attached. A modest palace was even relocated because it obstructed the view from Via del Corso.


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