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    Piazza Di Spagna

    The square is very well known because Romans used to meet on its myriad steps.

    It is also quite close to another iconic destination in the city: the People's Square or 'Piazza del Popolo', created by Giuseppe Valadier in the late 18th century. This square is one of the largest city and was created precisely to give Rome more open space.

    9 Hotel Cesari is also a good starting point for visiting Villa Medicis

    Valadier decided to retain a few essential features: the two churches at the entrance to Via del Corso, the Door of the People and the Central obelisk.

    Not far from Piazza di Spagna, you will find the Villa Medicis, which was built in the 1570s. It has also been home to the Academy of France since 1803. Under Louis XIV, this institution helped young French artists learn the traditions of Antiquity and the Renaissance. Today, Villa Medicis is open to the public and you can admire a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions and tour the gardens. Our staff can give you information about the various tours available, so don't hesitate to ask us when you make your booking.

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      Wonderful for 8 nights. This is a great hotel. 3* but goes out of its way to treat you well and help you out as much as possible. AC was strong and powerful and the window shutters helped pretty much dampen any street noise. Enjoyed the stay.

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